• docuForce

    A simple and convenient solution for
    converting paper processes into electronic forms


docuForce allows you to exchange documents within the organization and with your clients, suppliers and partners completely in electronic form. By supporting various types of electronic signatures, the system allows you to create legally significant documents without the need for duplication on paper.


The flow of paper documents is a major challenge for companies. Working with them is associated with the costs of sending, retrieving information, and subsequent storage. In addition to direct costs, there are many hidden documents associated with the loss of documents or their restoration.

  • Simple sending of any
    types of documents

    The system provides the platform where companies participating in the process can create and exchange documents.

  • Multiple Participants
    One Entry Point

    The system provides a single interface accessible from anywhere in the world via computers or mobile devices.

  • Any types of documents

    Documents can be of any type; structured, unstructured, formalized according to legal requirements

Give legal meaning to an electronic document
with the help of electronic signatures

  • Built-in tools for making advanced digital signature, which opens up a large number of new and innovative opportunities for creating legally significant documents.

Advanced digital signature guarantees:

  • Integrity of the document

    Full audit trail and activity notification for documents you signed.

  • The exact date and time of signing the document

    The event time is recorded by an accredited third party.

  • Identifying people

    Who signed the electronic document.

Simple, intuitive work in the system:

  • Шаг 1

    Step 1.

    Create a document by uploading files, or create using predefined templates.

  • Шаг 2

    Step 2.

    Sign the document with a digital signature and send the document to a colleague inside the organization or to an external counterparty.

Too many employees and there is no possibility to order a digital signature for each employee?

Create your CA in the cloud and issue certificates yourself.

  • 10 Minutes of training and your employee can independently issue certificates to users.

  • You can sign many types of documents without duplicating on paper, for example internal, HR documents, orders, advance reports.



docuForce allows you to consolidate and effectively organize the processing of various flows of documents: on paper, electronic documents, eMail and outer systems. No need for expensive off the shelf or click-charge/per page charge scanning software, recognition of documents, implementation of complex ECM or BPM systems, support of integration. All processes are set up in the shortest possible time.

  • Single point of processing and storage of electronic and paper documents

    We support any document formats from scanned paper documents, formalized XML according to regulations and SARS requirements, unstructured PDF, and other common formats.

  • Easy customization of document types
    according to the requirements of the organization

    Create your document templates, customize the required list of document information fields, by simple settings available to users.

  • Connect the SmartScan system and scans of paper documents can be sent for processing or in a single archive of electronic and scans of paper documents.

    When connected to the cloud-based SmartScan document scanning and recognition system, you can work with documents without using their paper copies. There is no more need to run and coordinate paper documents, instead work only with the electronic copies.

  • Tools for creating various automatic scripts for document processing, their automatic verification, validation according to the rules

    Simple functionality of document processing route constructors allows even unqualified users to customize processes.

  • Built-in support for various
    types of digital signatures

    Simple or Basic electronic signature (SES), Advanced electronic or digital signature (AES), Qualified advanced electronic or digital signature (QES). Signing without authorization in the system by using SMS in mobile devices.

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Best Practices

A wide range of integration capabilities

All system functionality is available via REST API

We implement hybrid solutions that combine collection, processing and storage.

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